Blog Rules of Engagement COVID-19

I re-activated this blog for the purpose of education. The articles are my interpretation of available data, official reports, and scientific research (limited as it is), combined with my knowledge of disaster response, including pandemic. When necessary, I will include evaluation of how official actions impact the virus and the community, both for good and for bad.

I believe truth is the best approach to frightening situations. I will not falsely reassure, nor am I inciting panic. I am simply telling it as it is, according to my interpretation.

This blog is not designed for political discussion, casting blame, or sharing non-factual information. All comments will be reviewed before I approve them for posting.

Comments will be limited to:

  1. Questions about the information presented or about other aspects of the COVID-19 situation.  I encourage readers to tell me what you would like me to address.
  2. Sharing of factual information from reliable sources (please state your source)
  3. How the illness is affecting you or your family.