About My Blog

Who Should Read This Blog

Hopefully you’ve read about me, so now you should find out about my blog. First and foremost, this blog is for:

1) Emergency preparedness geeks like me, who find everything having to do with disasters and emergency planning fascinating (which probably says something profound about our personalities).

2) Emergency managers who are looking for an educated perspective on a variety of emergency topics, perhaps outside the areas you are working on, or about healthcare emergency planning in particular. You may also find this blog helpful to explain emergency preparedness to others.

3) Emergency volunteers, such as CERT, Red Cross, MRC, and ARES (if you don’t know what these stand for, you should probably read this blog).

4) Anyone interested in learning about disasters, the realities of emergency response, and how we all can help to make our country better prepared.

What Disasterdoc Is About

This blog is about everything and anything having to do with disasters and emergency response. This includes what may happen, what we are attempting to do about it, what the limitations are, and what individuals and communities should expect. I promise to write posts in no particular order, including information from my readings, my conferences, my interviews and discussions with other emergency responders, my participation in varied emergency preparedness projects, and my ponderings.


At times, my information might be a bit upsetting, particularly about medical or triage topics. I will try to put a warning at the top of posts for those who prefer to remain ignorant of these realities.

This blog is not a prepper blog – there is already plenty out there for people planning to live off the grid if and when society fails. I prefer to think society will continue even after an extreme disaster like Cascadia, particularly if we all do our part now. There is some very interesting information available on prepper blogs – it’s just not my thing.

I will do my best to present the truth as I learn and see it. However, there are many opinions on this topic, variations between communities, and different ways to see the same information. My version of an event, plan, or discussion may not match someone else – that’s the beauty of human thought. I urge you to comment (politely please) if your thoughts or experiences are different from mine (or if they are the same). Blogs are an excellent way to develop community around a common topic, and perhaps Disasterdoc can serve in that way. I have also started a Facebook DisasterDoc page. Consider visiting there and join in the discussion.

“Happy” reading (and a warning – if you find this a happy topic to read about, you are well on your way to emergency geekdom!)

By Sheila Sund

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