Blog Rules of Engagement COVID-19

Posted: March 15, 2020 in COVID-19

I re-activated this blog for the purpose of education. The articles are my interpretation of available data, official reports, and scientific research (limited as it is), combined with my knowledge of disaster response, including pandemic. When necessary, I will include evaluation of how official actions impact the virus and the community, both for good and for bad.

I believe truth is the best approach to frightening situations. I will not falsely reassure, nor am I inciting panic. I am simply telling it as it is, according to my interpretation.

This blog is not designed for political discussion, casting blame, or sharing non-factual information. All comments will be reviewed before I approve them for posting.

Comments will be limited to:

  1. Questions about the information presented or about other aspects of the COVID-19 situation.  I encourage readers to tell me what you would like me to address.
  2. Sharing of factual information from reliable sources (please state your source)
  3. How the illness is affecting you or your family.
  1. Robert Blew says:

    Good to see you are back with your perspective for COVID19. Concerning your mention about having only factual information. It is my observation that the impact of ignorance, being misinformed, having beliefs that are incompatible with germ theory, intentional disinformation greatly exagerate the harm of health and environmental disasters. There is a great deal of Information about the human factors of COVID-19. Gaining an understanding of why people are willing to be mislead, and act in ways that are ultimately deliterious to themselves, their families and communities. I am not suggesting allowing what is false, but dismissing people for false beliefs does not necessarily lead to ideal clinical outcomes, possibly creating even more resistance to medical help. Perhaps if you would permit what is not fact, but has been fact checked by reliable sources. Understanding in what ways something is valid, allows one to tailor disaster assistance, crisis communication and medical concepts for those who may otherwise resist (even become violent and attack medical). Being aware that people may belives invalid medical beliefs and outright conspiracy theories may decrease the chance of unintentionally antagonizing those who need help, leading to failure to contain and control a disease outbreak.

    • disasterdoc says:

      I understand your perspective, and I agree that discussion of how and why people are misled is important. However, that is not the purpose of this blog. It is just a resource with my perspective of how it all fits together, and how people can use this information to make decisions for their own lives.

  2. Barb Chrisman says:

    So glad to see your blog. I especially loved being a part of Marion Co. Medical Reserve Corp with you. Even before church reconsidered not to meet, I’d made the decision to not participate. Mostly I’ll be staying home. Since I’ve chosen not to participate at the Aquatic Center, I have to walk in the neighborhood (or the house) to get some daily exercise. That requires pain pills, but then I’m not driving!

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