Blog reactivated for COVID-19

Posted: March 15, 2020 in COVID-19

I have been following COVID-19 closely since early January, and unfortunately, have predicted almost every thing that has occurred so far. It’s not that I’m brilliant.  It’s just that I’m a scientist and physician with a pretty good understanding of pandemic and epidemiology (see About Me for more information) and COVID-19 has basically been a textbook example of pandemic.

I bought my pandemic supplies on February 1, when I knew it would spread throughout the world. I instituted my family’s pandemic protection plan on February 25 when early signs of world-wide spread were present. And yesterday (March 14), I decided to ride this out at home. It’s not that I am particularly afraid of infection – I’ve been following all the rules for weeks now. But the only way we can get through this is if everyone socially distances as much as possible, and since I am retired and age 61, I am fortunate enough to have this option.

I’ve been educating my neighbors and friends for the last few weeks, but realized (belatedly) that my previous blog audience might also benefit. By re-activating this blog, I hope to help make the rapidly changing world of COVID-19 more understandable – what is happening, why it’s happening, and, most importantly, what you should be doing.

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