I’m back!

Posted: June 25, 2013 in Uncategorized
On the road again. Photo by Sheila Sund.

On the road again. Photo by Sheila Sund.

I’m back! After travel and catch up, I’m hoping I can return to being DisasterDoc more regularly. Life has turned extremely busy with developing our active Medical Reserve Corps (MRC), pandemic planning, and other assorted preparedness activities. I’m working as many hours as a “volunteer” as when I was a practicing physician.

Unfortunately my blog and Facebook have been “neglected” (apparently not unusual for beginning bloggers). I miss them – the opportunities for communication and teaching, but also my self-education. When I write a blog post, two-thirds of the process is research. It’s how I learn, and then I pass it on to my readers. The good news is that I learn a lot, and I hope others do as well. The bad news is that it takes hours for each blog post, particularly for more complicated topics (which sometimes turn out like book sections instead of blog posts).

In addition, I find myself losing my original focus, which was to make emergency preparedness understandable to everyone, not just those in the field.

So I’m going to try a somewhat different approach from now on. Some articles will still be complex or advanced, but I will mix these up with more mini-topics, with interest to a broader audience. I’ll also throw in some posts on my preparedness activities and observations. Hopefully this will allow more postings, plus give you a glimpse of the issues involved in trying to make this whole preparedness thing work!

I also promise a renewed effort to put interesting tidbits on my Disasterdoc Facebook page. I’m reading fascinating stuff every day. I just need to remember to post it. If I truly believe everyone should understand disasters and preparedness, then I need to do my part.

Check out my regular post today: Mass Casualty Incident Plans – Do Volunteers Have A Role?  It is somewhat complex, but it also allows me to kill two birds with one stone – the blog and my MRC Director role. Maybe it will make you want to volunteer.

Hoping to communicate with you more often!

Sheila Sund, M.D.

My trip! Photo by Sheila Sund

My trip! Photo by Sheila Sund

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